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Unique Tricks Reduce Portion Eating Too Much: Put Music, Dim the Lights

Eating excessive amounts is not healthy. It does not matter whether you are dieting or not eating must be maintained. Indeed, regulate eating is not easy. What's more when you're eating while enjoying your favorite film show in the family room or rooms, you will not notice how much food has been consumed. However, you can work around this by following a few tips, as quoted from the Huffington Post.

1. Drink sips Few More
Every time you drink fruit juice, coffee, sweet iced tea, milkshakes or syrup, try using a straw or trying to drink sips of water little by little. Sipping a drink in small portions it can help you to consume in minimal quantities. In one study, the scientists invited 53 participants and divided them into three groups. That is the group with a little gulp, gulp a lot and allow participants to drink as they want. Apparently the number of participants who drank fewer gulps consume 30% fewer drinks.

2. Select Smelling Food sting
Research published in 2012 in the journal Flavour showed that foods with pungent smell can help control your portions. Scientific American explained in the study, they gave volunteers a vanilla custard and let them smell some vanilla aroma. When they smell the pungent vanilla, they are eating less and less.

3. Use plates with Contrast Color
Based on research conducted by Dr.. And Dr. Brian Wansink. Koert van Ittersum, choose dishes with a color that contrasts with the color of food can make your meal a little more. This is caused by the optical illusion called Delboeuf Illusion, where we like to eat more servings than we think.

4. Eating at Small Plates
Eat in a small plate could help you give less food intake. This trick makes you think that serves more food than you actually serve. This method is believed to reduce food portions by 20%.

5. Eating with Lights Dim & Strains of Music
The results of the study showed that Ittersum Wansink and dim lights with soft music make respondents ate 18% less than the amount of food they ordered. The atmosphere is lit with soft music make their satisfaction increased and decreased food consumption. It is very easy to apply at home at dinner.
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