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7 Salon Equipment That Must Have at Home

Crowded bustle makes her just spend a little time at home. So if it was at home they are lazy to go out of the house. Many of the women and the women want to spend time with family or just lazed at home.

While they still want to treat yourself, especially hair. The solution is to bring supplies to home salon. What are the supplies that you must have? This is it!

Hair Dryer
Hairdryer is very owned by every woman. Why? Hair dryer can help you get the perfect look quickly. Just imagine, if you wake up late and have to wash it, you are unlikely to work with her hair still wet. For that much needed hair dryer. Although no time jamming blow dryer, but at least you can dry your hair faster.

Comb Round
You can even arrange the hair with the help of a hair dryer and comb round. Brush a round function to insert and remove your hair. As the term in the salon blow-in (to blow into) and a blow-out (for a blow dryer to the outside). Round comb size varies, there are small and large. Customize with your hair, use a comb if short hair blow a small or medium. For long hair you should use a comb round large size, for natural results.

Flat Iron 
Tools Hair Straightener is working for the owner of unruly hair. We recommend that you choose a layered ceramic materials. Ceramic-coated materials are usually much less producing negative ions that quickly damage the hair. Ceramic slab of Flat Iron not only can straighten your hair, but also starred hair. How to use it too easy, Grit and launch tool vise slowly from the roots to the ends of hair. Do not clamp on one section of hair over and over again, the dial friction can damage the hair cuticle. To get a perfect result of Flat Iron, hold the tool clamp on each section of hair over six seconds.

Curly Iron
For variety, occasionally would want curly and wavy hair. An easy way to achieve this is by using the help of curly iron. Round shaped tool is also quite practical use. Wrap a section of hair in curly iron, and hold a few seconds and release. Will instantly wavy hair.

Roll Hair
If you want healthier hair without the help of a heater like curly hair dryer and iron, roll the hair can be a solution. Roll hair to make hair like incoming blow. It could also create a wave effect. Variety of roll sizes hair, choose according to your needs. If you want to look curly hair, you can choose a small roll hair. Roll the hair can give a natural impression.

Spray hairspray to create long-lasting hair day. But you should, do not use it constantly because it can damage the hair.

Cat Hair
Cat hair is now easier to use. You can even apply it yourself at home. In one hair dye products are usually readily available vitamins and hair care after painting. So, make sure the hair dye is always available at home. So no need to wait for the weekend to come to the salon when a hair color gone down.
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