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Overcome Menstrual Pain With Yoga

Yoga exercises are believed to cure many things. By practicing yoga, one can re-balance the body. Now many women who practice yoga to relieve pain during menstruation.

Pain during menstruation occurs because the muscles of the abdomen and pelvic cramps. The pain is usually felt in the first three days of menstruation. There are some yoga positions that can be done to overcome them.

Kapalabhati (cross-legged)
This is the easiest position in yoga. This position is to train breathing, clearing the lungs. The effect will be felt relaxed at practice this position. Since the body is relaxed, the muscles will spasm relaxes.

Dhanurasana (bow position)
This position will strengthen the back muscles. This position can also be digestive problems such as excess stomach acid. Often when she was menstruating, stomach bloating and gaseous. By doing Dharusana position, flatulence problems can be solved.

This movement literally means the wind. As the name implies, this movement is also often used for digestive problems and pain in the abdomen. Therefore, it is appropriate pavanamuktasana done to address menstrual pain.

Viparita Karani (attitude Candles)
Lying by lifting the hips until legs straight up turned out to be a headache that comes during menstruation. This movement could be blood circulation to the head, so that the pain can be lost.
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