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The Reasons Why Mommy Can Not Replaced Babysitter Or Grandma

Women work who already have children generally need to use the services of a babysitter. That was to help him to keep the children at work. But not a few of them to hand over all the affairs of the child against his confidant. And like children entrusted to grandma, grandpa, or a babysitter, a role she still can not be replaced. Why?

"So that means delegating help care for our children does not mean that all the committee people we delegate as nurse, maid, or a grandmother," said Dr. Rose Mini Adi Prianto, M. Psi, a child psychologist to wolipop a few days ago in practice, Essa Consulting Group, Jalan Ampera Raya No.. 5, Satmarindo Building, Jakarta.

Women who like to read this book confirms, for all purposes the child is not a decisive grandmother or babysitter, but her own mother. For example, before leaving for work a mother should have noticed your child eating schedule and what foods should be provided. Not only that, the activities carried out child also must be regulated by the mother.

For example, children are still toddlers and need to do a variety of activities. These activities have been arranged by the mother, such as a bike or play other toys that help children learn. When the home office, the mother needs to check what children do.

"If misalkna later we came home from work we know he can not have what she needs. Example this kid really lazy to move, we make this day sister program should play bike," said Romi exemplifies.

Assistant household or grandmother did not have the right to work on that responsibility. They only charged with overseeing the children while parents are not home. All activities babysitter should be under the supervision of parents as the primary task of a mother is responsible for the children and husband.

"The assistant was just supervise and provide execution time parents do not exist. Nobody actually the responsibility of nurses, assistants, grandmother, to do something without the knowledge of their parents because the parents are responsible," explained the old woman was born 24 April 1960.

Romi said, if you can take care of their own children do not need to use the services of a babysitter. However, if the profession requires you to work when the child is still a toddler wearing a new maid to keep the child.

"If for example we have to work so we really need people who care for our children. Still responsibility to educate and care for children to the father and mother that can not be delegated," Romi closed end of the conversation.
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